Testing New TimeWise 3D Foundation

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, foundation is the final step to any good skin care routine. After washing and moisturizing your skin you have to protect it from all of the dirt, dust, pollen, etc that the world brings to us at the moment we stepped out of the door. It’s also important that we are wearing the right type of foundation for our skin whether it be the type (liquid, powder, creme, etc), the formula (for oily or dry skin), or the undertone (warm, cool, or neutral). And it is said that about 95% of women aren’t wearing the right shade. If all these factors are correct then your skin should look smooth, flawless, and healthy. Mary Kay just came out with a new foundation line which fits all of these categories so I’m excited to share it with the world!

The Mary Kay Timewise 3D Foundation:

1. Provides 12 hours of coverage

2. Has IntelliMatch technology to properly match your shade

3. Includes the Age Minimize 3D complex to help with youthful looking skin

These three facts mean so much to me as it pertains to this foundation. We all have busy lives and to know that my makeup will stay on my face for 12 hours without having to constantly touch it up. That’s one less thing to have to worry about! And the IntelliMatch technology is cool because it “captured the authentic, true skin tones of thousands of women from around the world. Three areas were scanned (forehead, cheek and décolleté) to capture over 3,000 variations of tone for more accurate data.” Through all this research the foundation shades now match more perfectly. And I love when I product is doing more than one thing at a time so I’m glad it also had the Age Minimize 3D complex as well. This is the same formula they have in the skin care so it’s also providing help with keeping or getting younger looking skin.

Before foundation
Foundation only
Full makeup

Here are some other facts:

Comes in matte formula for oily skin and luminous formula for dry skin


Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy


Suitable for sensitive skin

Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Fragrance-free and oil-free

Blending brush: $16

What I love about it

This product is very rich and pigmented so you don’t need a lot to get full coverage. Plus we have a new blending brush which helps with the full coverage look. It also goes on so creamy and leaves my skin looking smooth. Also, I used to have a lot of issues with having to touch up my makeup throughout the day because my face was so oily but this formula keeps the matte look going all day! I would recommend everyone give this a try and right now Mary Kay has a contest going where you can win a trip for two to California!

This contest is only for US citizens. If you have a Mary Kay Consulant, please contact them to enter. If you do not, you can contact me and I can either send a sample of if you live in the DC, MD, VA area I could meet up with you to try it on.

This foundation cost $25 and has an average use-up rate of 1.1 months. To order this foundation, click here.

Testing Nexxus Between Washes Revived Curl Creme Spray

I am always signing up to receive something free. And this post is about one of those products. A while ago I signed up to potentially receive a hair product from Nexxus and it just came in. They ended up sending me the Nexxus between washes revived curl creme spray. This spray is supposed to be used in between hair washings when you want to keep your hair curly and nourished. It’s made for people with curly hair. I tried it out this past week and I would like to share the results with you.


I am a hair product freak so I was very excited to try this new product out. I’m always looking for new ways to keep my twist outs looking fresh and lasting longer! (Twist out: when you twist your hair, let it dry, and then take the twist apart) The first thing I noticed when I sprayed the spray is how wonderful it smelled. It has a very fresh smell to it which is always appealing when it’s a scent that will linger throughout the day. The second thing I noticed is that my hair felt super soft and moisturized all day. When you have natural hair it’s so important to keep your hair moisturized because it looses its moisture so easily. So that was another plus for me. This spray is called a creme spray and I noticed it seemed a little thicker than most sprays so I think that’s why it was so moisturizing.

Before and after


The third thing that I noticed was that it didn’t seem to curl my hair that much. I sprayed this in my hair a day or so after my twist out hoping it would keep the curls going but that was not the case. It made my hair more fluffy than curly. My hair was bigger and more moisturized but the curls weren’t as defined as they were before. This was something that I feared would happen because although on the bottle it says it’s made for curly hair I had doubts on whether it was for black curly hair. There is a difference between different types of curly hair and I’m not sure this spray was most fitting for me as far as keeping my hair curly.

A couple of days later (ignore my crooked broke glasses 😂😂😂)


I love getting products this way because it forces me to try products I wouldn’t normally buy. And now I can add a new hair product to my roster. Although it not help with the curls as much it did help keep my hair smelling good and moisturized. So I think I would purchase this. It cost about $12 at stores like target are Walmart. And if you click here you can see all the information about it from the Nexxus website.

Have you guys every tried this product? What did you think? What is your favorite curl refreshing spray if you have curly hair? Comment below and don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

Hooked Look Makeup Class with Juliana Mayfield

This past weekend I was honored to attend a makeup class taught by international makeup artist Juliana Mayfield. She has been in this business for over 10 years, has applied makeup to many stars, and is a pro at teaching makeup techniques as well! The class I was in is a Hooked Look class dedicated strictly to Mary Kay consultants and she only used our products. It was so informative! We had over three hours of intensive training. And we got to try out the techniques we learned while she went around the room making sure we got it right. I wanted to share a couple of tips I was taught.

Warm, Cool, Neutral?

A fun tip I learned is how to tell if your skin is warm, cool, or neutral. Knowing this information comes in handy because you then can best know which colors look best on you for fashion and makeup. You flip your wrist over and look at the big vein that goes down the middle. If the vein looks blue, you have a cool tone. If your vein is green, you have a warm tone. If it’s neither or in between, you have a neutral tone.

Where to cut eye lashes

If you buy some eye lashes and they’re too long because you have a smaller eye, cut the lashes from the inside. Lashes usually clad with some type of design and those are on the outside of the lash. If you cut it from the outside, you loose the design.

Although this particular class was just for Mary Kay consultants, she also teaches other classes as well. And can be hired to do makeup as well. I recommend checking out her videos on social media!

Click here to get to her Facebook page. All of her other sites are listed in there as well.

Here is a list of all the products I used on my face. If you’d like to purchase any of these and you don’t have a Mary Kay consultant, click here.

  • Foundation primer
  • Under eye corrector
  • Endless Performance Creme to Powder Foundation – Bronze 3
  • Perfecting concealer – Light bronze (highlight)
  • TimeWise luminous-wear foundation – Bronze 8 (contour)
  • Makeup finishing spray
  • Translucent powder
  • Mineral powder foundation – Bronze 4
  • Chromafusion contour – Cocoa
  • Illuminating drops
  • Chromafusion highlighter – Honey Glow
  • Precision brow liner – Dark brunette
  • Volumizing brow tint – Dark brunette
  • Cream eye color – Violet storm
  • Chromafusion eye shadow – Frozen iris
  • Chromafusion eye shadow – Merlot
  • Chromafusion eye shadow – Hazelnut
  • Chromafusion eye shadow – Candlelight
  • Chromafusion blush – wineberry
  • Lip liner – berry
  • Lip tint – canyon coral
  • Matte lipstick – Midnight red
  • Nourishine lip gloss – Pink Luster
  • Liquid eyeliner pen – MK black
  • Lash intensity mascara
  • (Fake lashes as well)

Have you ever attended a professional makeup class? What fun tips did you learn? Please comment below and share! Also, don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

Raising Self Confidence

This past weekend I was in Hampton, VA for my Mary Kay Career Conference. I had an awesome time and , as usual, I had an epiphany about some things. It is also good to have some self reflection and process emotions. I learned about myself and I wanted to share that with you all. I hope you learn some things about yourself as well.

At the luncheon I earned

As I’ve mentioned time and time again on my blog, I have been in this business since the age of 18. Starting off still in high school meant starting off learning about this business as I was still learning about myself. So then in 2013 I had reached one of the highest levels in my business, Sales Director. This is the top 1% of the company. But after a year I had to step down from that position and my confidence was rocked. It felt like failure and i was super hard on myself. It took me a while to even want to get back into that position because my mindset wasn’t right. And then when I did start trying it seemed difficult. Then I was told by a mentor that if I’ve done it once I can do it again. It was all in my mind! I had the skills I just had to believe in myself.

So as of July 2018 I am a Sales Director again! But then I started to feel another confidence issue rising up. I was 30 at the time and there were ladies on my team who were older than me and seemed more polished and put together than me. My thoughts turned to how can I lead this wonderful group of ladies? So I shrunk myself and started acting as if I wasn’t the leader. I cheered them on from the sidelines.

But that brings us back to this mist recent conference I attended. The number one director at this conference filled with hundreds of women was a 27 years old woman. It felt inspiring to see that! So when she asked for questions at the end of one of our trainings I stood up to ask her about my dilemma of not feeling big enough to lead. She gave some great pieces of advice and here they are:

1. Wear things that make you feel confident i.e. a certain suit, a certain hairstyle, etc

2. Pray for belief

3. Hitch your wagon to someone with more belief (Live off of their believe until you have your own)

It was such an eye opener to see that I had not been feeling like a leader so I had not been leading my team. And that doesn’t help anyone involved. So my new mantra in life is “If you have the skills, don’t let your emotions get in the way.” No longer will I allow my feelings to make it seem that I am not worthy of the position I worked hard to be in. Do you sometimes deal with doubt or low self confidence? How do you deal with it? Please comment below with your tips and other comments. And don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

The Life of a Videographer

One of the many times I rented the school’s camera

I always knew I wanted to be a writer but I wasn’t sure what kind. I loved writing poetry and still do but I didn’t think I could make a living off of that so I had to continue looking around for the perfect job for me. My junior year of high school I took a journalism class figuring maybe that would be the style of writing I would do. But I discovered that didn’t gel well with me because I didn’t get to be creative. You can’t make up the news. Plus there are a lot of rules on how articles should be written. I still wanted to be creative with my writing. Then in my senior year of high school I took a video production class and I fell in love. It was the perfect mix of everything I loved. We learned all about how media is important and it can shape your opinions on life without you even knowing it. So that’s how I decided to major in tv production.

A business conference I taped

In my sophomore year of college I took an intro to tv production class with a teacher named Dr. Johnson. I went to an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) named Virginia State University. She taught us how important it is to have more black people behind the camera because those are the people who choose the narrative of the world. We need to be telling our own stories so they get told correctly. This lesson has stuck with my ever since. I enjoyed my undergrad years of college. My friend, Demetria, and I went spilt the cost of some video editing software so we could continue our studies outside of class and we would rent the cameras and film things all the time. I recommend whatever you might be studying in college, take advantage of the resources around you because once you leave there you might not have them as readily available. I got to interview Mary Mary with my friend Rob Milton (Check out his page at http://www.therobmilton.com) because we were in the gospel choir and they performed at one of our concerts. I filmed as Marlon Wayans, Jurnee Smollett, and Tatyana Ali as they came and talked to us about the 2018 elections. I got to tape Tim and Daphne Reid (Sister, Sister and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) interview Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show). And I had my first paid gig as I taped homecoming step show for the NPHC (National Panhellenic Council).

Because I already I had a business I knew that everything I wanted to make into a business. So after college I started my own videography business, Keeler Productions LLC. My motto is broadcasting your vision to the world and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I’ve taped numerous commercials for small businesses, a book trailer, birthday parties, weddings, and even a statue ceremony for the Marine Corps. I love what I do because I get to meet a variety of different people and go to different places I wouldn’t have been without being hired to be there. It’s also awesome to get to hear different life stories. And in the midst of all this I got my masters in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. We had to create a blog and write a new story in it each week for a year. I’m grateful for that education and also for all the equipment I got as well like my camera with all the equipment, Adobe Suite, and a new MacBook Pro. I love being a videographer. It has brought so much into my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One of the times I was paid to taped a football game

I hope y’all enjoyed my life as a videographer! And I’d love to hear what you guys love about your jobs. Please comment below and don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page!

Keeler Productions LLC



Three of my favorite beauty tools

As a women in the beauty industry I love tools that help me be more efficient with my skin care and makeup products. It’s important to have the proper products that will help make your life easier and not complicated. Sometimes I feel people feel either intimidated by what seems like a complicated look or they might feel like a skin care regimen might take too long to do. I’m all about efficiency as I am a women with two businesses, two other jobs, and plenty of other responsibilities. So I wanted to share three of my favorite beauty tools which I use daily in my beauty routine and how they have drastically made my life better. FYI if you click on any of the names of these beauty tools it’ll take you to a link to purchase them.

Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

“This lightweight, two-speed power brush gently massages as it thoroughly cleans skin, removing residue, dirt and makeup in seconds.

• Removes makeup 85% better than cleansing by hand.*

• Boosts the absorption of your next skin care step.

• Starts improving skin’s appearance immediately.

• Helps polish away the look of past skin damage for a more even-looking complexion.

• Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles.”

This brush makes me feel as if I am in a fancy spa every morning as I take a shower. The bristles are soft so they feel good. And I can tell that I am getting a deeper and more fuller cleaning. It makes my cleanser work double time which means the benefits I get from my cleanser are even more effective. The brush is easy use and the brush heads are easy to change out. I also love that the brush comes with batteries and two additional brush heads. Plus in the future you can also buy more brush heads separately. One piece of advice I’d give while using this though is to make sure your hair is up because I use the brush on my neck as well and I’ve had a couple of occasions where my hair got stuck in the brush.

Essential Brush Collection

“The Mary Kay® Essential Brush Collection includes five high-quality, precisely shaped brushes which are ideal for creating a range of looks, packed in a stylish, portable clutch.

• New brush shapes help anyone create makeup looks with confidence.

• Each brush excels at blendability, application and pickup.

• Synthetic bristles are compatible with liquid, cream and powder.”

In order to get the makeup look you want, you have to be using the right tools. And this brush collection has all the tools you need!

“The collection includes:

  • All-Over Powder Brush
  • Cheek Brush
  • All-Over Eye Shadow Brush
  • Eye Crease Brush
  • Eye Smudger Brush”

It also has a case to keep all the brushes in that is sleek and travels well. Each brush is perfectly angled for the part of the face it is used on. The brushes have the techniques you need without you having to be an expert.

Travel Roll-Up Bag

Here’s a great way to keep skin care products and cosmetics safe and organized while you’re on the go. Compartments are removable for added convenience.

This is probably my favorite of all three items because of its versatility. You can hang the bag up with a hook, the compartments are clear so you can easily see what’s inside, they come off with Velcro, and the bag rolls up and you can carry it by its handle. I have one that I keep in my shower with all of my cleansers and soaps I use there, I have one I use when I go to the gym, I have one for when I travel which I keep all my liquid items in, and in college I used one to keep all my accessories organized. There are an infinite amount of ways to use this bag!

So what are some of your favorite beauty tools? I love getting feedback from you guys so keep it coming! And don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

How to radically accept change in life

Change…it’s inevitable! Yet somehow when it comes I’m either surprised or sad so I start to procrastinate on in hopes of slowing it down. Is this healthy? Of course not lol. But awareness is the first step right? I certainly hope so. Because I am now attempting to better handle transitions in life because I have plenty of them. And if change is going to be a constant, then why not be a master at it.

I think my main resistance to change has been fear, fear of the unknown. I can sometimes be controlling but you can’t control change. It just happens to you. I like clearly knowing what is ahead of me so I can have a game plan but that’s often not the case for life. But I started working on this issue when I was in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and I learned some something called radical acceptance. That phrase basically means that we can’t change certain things about life, so we have to learn to accept it, completely.

Some ways to improve your radical acceptance levels are being present in the moment (finding the good things and focusing on that), being mindful of your emotions and not letting them take over, and improving the moment with things like prayer, meditation, or some source of self soothing. I know it can be hard to remember tips like these when you’re in the moment. I often do myself. But what I do find helpful is being aware of my surroundings and my emotions. If I sense change is coming and I sense my emotions are not helping the situation, I have to do something to change that. And that’s when I start reaching into my DBT skills.

I hope you guys gained something from this! My blog is all about this thing called life being a group effort. So if you have any tips on how you deal with change, please write them in the comments. And don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

Inspirational Notes from Feel The Power Event

So as is written in my bio, I have been a business owner with Mary Kay for 13 years now. I’ve been to all sorts of conferences and this one is DEFINITELY at the top of the list. It’s been in existence 24 years now and created by a powerful woman named Angie O. I have now attended this conference about four times and it just keeps getting better and better! I wanted to share some of my notes with you all because a lot of what’s taught can be used no matter what career field you’re in. It was about transforming your life into something better!

Our hotel was steps away from the beach! (Destin, FL)
The theme this year was limitless
All directors got these cute shirts! Here’s my mom and I dressed up in cruise attire because right now we are in the midst of earning a FREE cruise to the Bahamas through Mary Kay!

Are you committed or just interested?

This is an interesting to ask yourself every time you have a goal in life. You have to not just want that thing to happen. You have got to commit to doing what it takes to MAKE it happen.

Don’t allow your memory to affect your future

Often times in life, especially as we grow older, we can be deeply affected by things that have happened in our past. And because of that it makes it harder to try that same thing again. But the future is filled with possibilities and your past is not.

Make a goal so big that you have to become a better person to even achieve it

We should always be striving to improve in life and one way to do that is through choosing goals in life that force us to be better.

My hope is that at least one of these nuggets I gained from attending this conference has struck a cord with you and you’ll take that and run! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so PLEASE comment. And don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Above is a video showing me washing my face at night. I’d say all together it took about 5 minutes to do. Below I’ll be explaining everything that I used so check it out!

1.Eye Makeup Remover $15

This product “gently removes eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, without tugging or pulling the delicate skin in the eye area. Formula does not leave skin feeling greasy.” – taken from website

All you have do to is shake it up, squeeze some into a cotton ball, and then rub around your eyes. I also use this product on my lips if I have a lipstick that’s hard to get off like a bright color or matte shade.

2.Facial Cleaning Cloths $18

This product “gently removes dirt, oil and makeup, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft.” – taken from website

I love these wipes because they already have the cleanser in them. All you have to do is wet it and rub it to together to get the suds going. This is a great option for night time when you don’t feel like washing your face. After you wash your face off you wet the cloth again, wiping away any dirt on there, and wash away the soap from your face. It’s as easy as that! It comes with 30 cloths.

3.Vitamin C Activating Squares $24

“This beauty industry first uses breakthrough technology that delivers pure vitamin C to your skin in a tiny, dissolvable square. In just 2 weeks,* TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™ were shown to deliver visible benefits in the appearance of even skin tone, skin radiance and fine lines and wrinkles.” – taken from website

*Results based on a four-week independent clinical study in which 29 women used TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™ dissolved in a neutral base three times a week. The neutral base did not contain age-fighting ingredients.

Our body does not naturally produce vitamin C, so we have to get it from other ways. This is a fun way to get pure vitamin C into your system. What you do to activate the square is drop a little bit of water on it so it will dissolve in your hand and then you mix it in with a serum. The serum I used is step #4. It comes with 12 squares.

4.Replenishing Serum +C $56

“Help skin bounce back with TimeWise Replenishing Serum+C®. Skin will appear lifted, firmed and more resilient.” – Taken from website

I mix my Vitamin C Square with this serum for an added boost of vitamin C. Also when applying product to your face, it’s always important to rub upwards and in circular motion. This last about 3 months.

5.Age Minimize 3D Night Cream $32

This product “Delivers a bedtime boost of antioxidants when applied at night, working while skin is most able to rebuild its reserves.” – taken from website

Along with rebuilding your skin over night, this product also moisturizes your skin for 12 hours. And it comes in oily/combo or dry/normal. There is also a day Cream with SPF 30 you can use in the morning. This last about 3 months.

6.Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream $36

“Skin looks firmer as this quick-absorbing cream brightens the eye area and keeps it moisturized for 12 hours.” – taken from website

The area underneath your eye is one of the most sensitive areas on your body because it has the least amount of skin. This is why it’s recommended to have an eye cream. And when you apply an eye cream it’s recommended to use your ring finger because that has the lightest touch. And you pat underneath the eye and along the brow bone. You don’t want to rub that area so please remember to pat the skin lightly. This last about 3 months.


I hope you all learned something from my night time skin care routine and I’d love to learn from you all as well! Comment below and press the follow button below so you can subscribe to my blog.