Wrinkle Wiz Review

My mother loves ironing clothes but unfortunately, I hate it. To avoid this I just often get clothes that don’t need ironing. But you can’t avoid this “adulting” task forever. So from time to time I do have to iron. Then my mother gave this this product called wrinkle wiz because she knows my hate of ironing and I was more than happy to try this out.

Description of wrinkle wiz

According to their website, Wrinkle wiz “was specially made by fabric engineers and chemist for the sole purpose of eliminating garment wrinkles and making wrinkled clothes wearable.” To use it you place your garment on a hanger or flat surface, spray, stretch or smooth out the wrinkles, and then let it dry. It comes in a 2 oz travel size and a 16 oz size for at home. I searched where it can be purchased in store and only saw Bed, Bath, and Beyond and The Container Store. I’m sure it’s available at other stores as well. You can also purchase it on their website or places like Amazon.


My thoughts

I was very skeptic to be honest. It seemed to good to be true. So I picked a REALLY wrinkled shirt to test this spray out. I followed the directions and it kind of worked but there were definitely still wrinkles. I was discouraged. But then I decided to spray more and directly in smaller areas, not just the whole shirt. And I followed with smoothing out the wrinkles again. It worked wonders! I couldn’t believe that ALL the wrinkles left. This spray is a miracle worker and I’m so glad to have been given it by my mom. It also smells amazing so it gives your clothes a fresh scent. I couldn’t recommend this product anymore than I am.

Your thoughts

Have any of you ever tried this product before? I had never heard of it so I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts. What other ways do you use this product? Do you use anything similar to this?

One thought on “Wrinkle Wiz Review

  1. I’ve never heard of this product, but I will definitely give it a try. I don’t hate ironing, but if I can get away without doing it that would be good. Great post! Thanks.

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