Three Clothing Necessities for Winter

I am EXTREMELY proud of myself because for some reason usually every fall I somehow forget that the next season is winter and I am highly unprepared clothing wise. And then I end up having tons of runny noses, frozen toes, and just overall sick days. And a part of the reason is that the season creeps up on me but the other part is that I can sometimes be cheap. But this year I realized how important certain clothing necessities are and that you have to spend a little extra money on certain items and then you have fewer hassles throughout the winter. So I decided to share with everyone three things I have invested in and where I purchased it from. 

1. Tights

Ever since childhood, I have hated stockings. They just never felt comfortable, they would always run super quickly, and no matter which size I got they always seemed to be too big or too small. That is why tights have always been my preferred choice. To me, they feel like wearing a pair of skinny pants or leggings. And I also love getting designer tights as well so I can add a little personal style flair. This fall I got three pairs of tights that I will be able to use throughout the winter because they should match just about everything in my closet. I got black, navy blue, and burgundy. And with the black ones which I will be wearing most likely more often than the others, I got a pair that has control top so it’s almost like a girdle at the same time. The wind can be killer during the winter and if you don’t have anything protecting your legs, they can turn into popsicle sticks. Because I am plus sized, sometimes shopping can be difficult as there are fewer places to go. So I went to Lane Bryant to get my tights. Here are the links:

(In Black)

(In Dark Water and Winetasting)

2. Boots

Another way I have failed hard in the past when it comes to being prepared for the winter as far as clothing is proper foot wear. I wouldn’t have any boots and my feet would always be FREEZING! One reason would be the cheap part I mentioned earlier but the other part would be the fact that I have large calves so oftentimes I had a hard time finding boots that would fit past my ankle. I could only get booties and that isn’t always the best protection against cold weather. Last year I went to a plus sized store called Avenue and I found two GREAT pair of boots made for women with large calves. I also stuck with the theme of getting a couple of colors that will work with most of the clothing I have in my closet and got a brown and black pair. Here are the links:

(They don’t have the pair I bought anymore but these are similar)

3. Winter Coat

I think that having a great winter coat is one of the most important necessities of them all because we are seen in our coats more often our outfits underneath. And of course also because it’s cold outside. And since that is the case our winter coats should be just as cute as our clothes underneath. For a couple of years, my mother would get me a winter coat for Christmas so I have been blessed with about two or three of them. My favorite one though is this red coat with cute horn-shaped buttons and a hood. I believe my mom got it from Burlington (then called Burlington Coat Factory) I never knew how much my winter coats need hoods until I got this jacket. I feel NOTHING when it’s a windy day in the cold because of it. So I definitely recommend making sure your winter coat has a hood. Here is a link to a similar hoodie:

What are some necessities for you in the winter time? And where are you favorite places to shop for winter clothes? I always love learning of new and different stores, especially for plus sized women. So please comment below with your suggestions or comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

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