Testing Craft City Slime Kit

If you have a child or have children around you than you know that one of the latest crazes is making slime. There are tons of tutorial videos and kits you can buy at stores all around the country. While my oldest nephew, Dwayne (he’s 10) was visiting he wanted to make slime. So I took him to target and we bought Kara Garcia’s Craft City, Slime Kit. I filmed our process so please enjoy this video and I’ll post my thoughts underneath.

Final thoughts

I love all the different ways that you can make the slime. They give you a variety of options. You can add glitter, make it glow in the dark, add different colors, and make the slime into bubbles. Although it was fun to make the different slime with my nephew, it didn’t last long because all of the slimes basically melted. I don’t know if we did something wrong or if this is just how it works but the next day the bowl was almost all liquid with a little slime left. So overall I wouldn’t recommend this slime kit. If anyone has any suggestions on what I might have done wrong or how to make slime better with another recipe please let me know. And as my nephew mentioned in the video, please like, comment, and subscribe to both this blog and my youtube page for the blog.

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