“In My Shoes” – Cheryl Meckley

Meet Cheryl Meckley, a  44 year old woman living in Seattle, WA with her husband and two children, boy and girl. She works in the health insurance field but also has been taking classes in improv, stand-up comedy, oral storytelling, writing, and learning to fly. Super early on Saturday and Sunday mornings you can find her at her local Starbucks writing her blog, Searching 4 Sissy. She decided to start her blog because she has been through many tough things through her life and she wanted to share them to not only help herself, but those around her.
Cheryl grew up moving from apartment to apartment on living off food stamps and government welfare checks.  Also as a child she dealt with sexual abuse and was sometimes shunned from sharing her story but she has found it freeing to do so. She mentioned that the #metoo movement has been a big help in that effort. “The #MeToo movement is important to me because it has opened the door to talking about something our culture has kept in the dark. Even as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, it was considered uncouth to talk about it. The #MeToo showed how many survivors there are out there. There is power in numbers and so many of us feel like we have a voice now,” Cheryl said. Her blog trying to find her sister so please check out her blog and see if you might have any information to help the search.
She decided at a young age that she did not want to live the life she was living when she became an adult so she got her degree at 35 and now lives comfortably. She loves writing and wants to make it her full time job. She plans to try to do this for a few months in 2019 and see what she can get published.
Check out her blog here: Searching 4 Sissy

4 thoughts on ““In My Shoes” – Cheryl Meckley

  1. #Metoo is such an incredibly important movement and thank god it has finally happened! About time. And you can actually see the changes in the dynamics at workplace due to this movement. More power to Cheryl and to all the survivors! I read somewhere every woman has a #metoo story!

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  2. Hi Age!! I JUST discovered this and I want to tell you how much it means to me that you featured Searching4Sissy! Thank you so much! I have shared this post with my own FB page as well as Searching4Sissy’s FB page. Love to you and good luck on your beautiful blogging journey!

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