5 Success Tips from my Business Conference

As is mentioned in the About Age section, I am a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. July 1st I moved up in my business and became a Sales Director, which only the top 1% of this business do. There is a conference that all new directors are encouraged to attend called New Director Education and this past weekend I had the chance to attend in Orlando, FL. What I love about attending these types of conferences is that I can use many of the things that I learn not just in my business, but in my life in general. So I decided I wanted to share some of those tips with everyone.


Make fear your friend. If there’s no fear, you’re not growing.


I loved this quote because often we only think about fear as a negative thing, but the only way to move to the next level in life is to reach into new territories and that is naturally a scary thing to do. But you have do it anyways in spite of your fear. When you are complacent in life, it’s easy to continue doing the same motions day in and day out. Growth comes only with sacrifice and therefore you will feel some emotions because of that. Embrace that feeling and move into the next phase of your life!


Don’t set your goals based on your current situation


I know from personal experience that it can be hard to see a better tomorrow in the middle of a desolate present circumstance. But what this quote reminds me is that when I dare to dream for more I can do it from the mindset of where I am now or else I will limit myself.  Once you are out of issue plaguing you, you might realize that you have the ability to do far more than you could have possibly thought of at the time. Always dream with the future in mind.


Be cognasant of your filter. Struggling people notice mainly other people struggling.

We all have a filter which through we see our lives. It took me a second to understand this fact but how the speaker explained it is by using the analogy that often times other pregnant people will notice a lot more pregnant people around them. But this is only because now that they are pregnant, they notice others in their circumstance more often.  In that same vain, when we are struggling, we can notice more people around us who are struggling. And then we may start to feel even more depressed because it feels like there is no hope because everyone is in the same boat as you but that is not fact.


Interrupt negative thoughts and replace it with a positive one


This is an issue I often struggle with because I have social anxiety. Sometimes I have negative thoughts come in my head and if I don’t choose to stop them they will be pouring and pouring and suddenly in a black hole. The moment that you notice a negative thought come in your head you must interrupt it before it’s even finish and immediately say something positive. Even if it’s as simple as “I’ve got this!”,  it will help because what you think about, you bring about. Having a positive mindset is so important to be successful in anything.


Say yes and figure it out later


Often times we feel as if we must have everything figured out with a plan we have for our lives before we pursue it but life doesn’t work like that. We have to sometimes jump into the deep end and then learn how to swim. We can think ourselves right out of a great career move just because we think we aren’t ready. You’d be surprised what you can naturally figure out as you go along the process.


So what did you get out of these quotes? I hope that you learned something because I know I did. Let me know what you liked the most and other inspirational quotes that you have learned over the years. And please don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


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