Making doggy cupcakes

I have a family dog who was rescued about six years ago. She was purchased as a new born around the same time as my nephew was born so we just say that they have the same birthday which is September 5th. Usually we just buy a dog toy or give her some extra bones around her special day but this time I decided to do a little something extra. I googled for a little bit and found a easy to make cake recipe for dogs.

Sasha, the birthday girl

This was a last-minute decision to make this cake so I looked for a recipe which had ingredients which anyone might have in their house at any given time. I eventually chose this recipe for that exact reason. I did not have the ingredients to make the frosting so I did not make any frosting for the cake. At first I was going to put some peanut butter on top of the cake but it was fine without it so I let it be. I decided to cut the recipe in half because it said it was for four servings and I only have one dog so I just wanted her to have enough for the moment. Before I started making the batter for the cake I sprayed the muffin pan with Baker’s Joy. This is an awesome products when you are trying to bake something. It adds a little bit of flour in with the vegetable oil spray it makes the muffins or cakes come out smoothly and easily. It can be purchased at any local grocery store. The cake was pretty simple to make. All I had to do was put all of the ingredients into my food processor and grind. Instead of cooking it for 35 to 45 minutes I cooked it for 20 since I cut the recipe in half. That was the perfect amount of time because they came out perfect. And because I used the Baker’s Joy, they easily came out of the pan.

The batter
Batter in the muffin pan

Sasha appeared to like the cake and it was super easy to make so I would recommend this to anyone. Do you have any traditions to celebrate your pets birthdays? Have you ever made them a cake or treat? I would love to swap recipes with all of you guys and hear any other fun celebrations I could do for Sasha. Please comment below and don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of this page.

Finished cakes in muffin pan

Cakes in dog food dish

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