Testing Up&Up Gel Nail Remover Foils

For my Mary Kay Seminar business conference I decided I would add a gel overlay on top of my natural nail. But the once I got back I realized I wasn’t going to keep up with that so I decided I was going to take the gel off. I’ve had fake nails or gel overlay before so I know I couldn’t just take it off the same you would regular nail polish. So I went to Target to get some acetone nail polish remover and ran across these gel nail polish remover foils. I read the packaging and it seemed simple enough so I bought it and figured I’d give it a try. Read below to see my review!

How it works

Before I explain how it works I’ll mention how it said to file the gel on your nails because it makes the nail polish remover easier to dissolve the gel. So I did that first. Then I opened the packaging. It comes with 20 individual foil pads. I ripped the top of on of them and stuck my finger in there as instructed. When you open it up you see foil in the lining and a pad soaked in acetone nail polish remover stuck to one side inside the pad. It tells you to make sure to have the gel and the pad touching so that the gel is soaking in the nail polish remover. You then keep your finger inside of the pad for 15 minuets and it’s supposed to all be gone.

Gel on nails filed down
Finger in pad


When I took my finger out the foil pad 15 minutes later it was about halfway done. I then scrapped the gel off my nail that was soft and coming off and put my finger back inside the packaging. It took another 15-30 minutes or so to get everything off, depending on how thick the gel was on each finger. With some nails I could get the gel off before it all dissolved because it had gotten loose enough off of my fingers. But you have to be careful taking gel off your nails when it’s not fully dissolved because it can make your actual nails soft or even break. For nails that I had to soak longer I would have to take the pad with the nail polish remover out and flip it inside out so get more nail polish remover to soak on my finger.

Before/After 15 min/Finished/Nails painted


I would rate this product a 6 out of 10. It did eventually take the nail polish remover off my nails but it took a lot longer than the 15 minutes it said. And then it got complicated when I could have to flip the pad to get more nail polish remover. I have not tried other versions of this product so I don’t know if it didn’t work as well because it was the target brand. Sometimes paying a little more for a better brand is worth it in an instance like this. I think I’ll try this again, if I ever get a gel overlay again, and try a better brand. In the end this was cheaper than going back to the nail salon to get the gel removed so I’m happy about that.


So have you ever tried these type of foil pads to get gel off your nails? Or do you have another trick to get it off? I’d love to hear everyone’s tips and tricks for this type of stuff because I don’t get fake nails often so I am out of my league. Please comment below and don’t forget to follow by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

11 thoughts on “Testing Up&Up Gel Nail Remover Foils

  1. I’ve never took it upon myself to remove gel polish. Personally, I don’t have the patience lol. I’m all for cheaper ways of doing things so I’ll definitedly keep this in mind if I ever stop being lazy, lol. Good review.

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  2. I might actually try this. Sometimes it gets expensive going to the nail salon every two weeks. This can help me keep my nails looking good even when my funds are low. I’m going to look into other products since this one wasn’t that great. Thanks for sharing!!

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