How to wash your braids

We are fully into summer time and that means trying to find hairstyles that will allow you to be free and are easy to keep up with. For many African American women that means getting braids or twist. It’s also a great protective hairstyle for African American women with natural hair. Protective means your hair is put in a style where it is underneath extensions and therefore won’t be touched as often. It is often used to help our hair grow. I recently got some bomb twist in my hair and I’m loving it. But then the other day I was at an event all day in the sun so by the end of the day my scalp and hair felt sweaty and dirty. So I decided to wash my braids. But you have to be careful when doing this because if you submerge your hair into water for too long that it can loosen the twist or loosen the twist from your scalp making them come out. So I decided to make a post on how I wash my braids. Hope you enjoy!

What you will need:

  • ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse
  • Conditioner
  • Cotton balls
    • You will need a lot of them so I would suggest buying a new pack.

Before washing my hair

Washing hair

I used to just apply the product to my hair and then use a cup to splash the water over my head making sure not to drench my hair with water. But through googling I discovered a better way to do this. All you have to do is pour or squeeze the ACV rinse into a cotton ball and rub that throughout your scalp. And you keep going, grabbing another cotton ball as needed, until the cotton ball is no longer dirty after running through your hair. You then run water over the cotton ball, squeeze out any excess, and rub that throughout your scalp making sure to get all of the rinse out of your hair. This is a quick and easy way to wash your hair without soaking it in water! Another quick tip, you can also use Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief for daily use. It does not need to be washed out. You just squeeze it on to your scalp.

Conditioning hair

Because the conditioner is thicker I just used my fingers to apply it directly to my scalp. I then put my hair in a ponytail and let it sit there for about 15-20 minutes. After that I soaked the cotton balls again under water and rubbed them in my scalp till all the conditioner was gone.


Last step!

The last thing I do is but a little grease on my scalp because my skin tends to be dry and then I applied mousse all over my twist.



My hair feels very clean and my scalp feels light. There is still a little itching here and there but definitely not as much as there was before. I would recommend everyone has braids to do this at least once every two weeks. It will help you keep your braids or twist in longer because your scalp won’t be irritated from dirt as much.


Finished product


Do you guys have tips for how you take care of your braids? I’d love to hear all about them. I’m trying to make these twist last as long as possible. And don’t forget to click The button at the bottom of the page to follow my blog.

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