Simple ways to stay informed and help our world

There is so much going on in the world. And sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of it and you might feel lost on how you can help. I know the feeling so I decided to do some research and check out an app I heard on a podcast. I wanted to share this information so we can all stay informed together.



I forget exactly how I came in contact with this website but I’m so glad I did. They help you contact your local officials in minutes by sending them a letter. You can choose a topic to talk about or they can suggest topics. You give them your zip code and then they tell you who the letter will be sent to. They handle the introduction and ending of the letter, you just write the message that you want sent. I have sent letters a couple of times and the process is so seamless. And I have received emails back from my local officials thanking me for giving them my opinion. And there are many ways to use the resistbot program. You can go to the website, text their number, or even go through their Facebook page. And they’ll also message you every now and then asking if you want to write your local official about certain topics that are timely and pertinent. I highly suggest everyone checking out this website.

Check out the website here

Screen shots of me contacting my local officials through resistbot
Screen shot of Sen Tim Kaine responding to a message I sent

Countable app

I listen to a lot of podcast and I heard about this app on a podcast called “Last Name Basis” with social activist Franchesca Ramsey and her husband Patrick. (Check out that podcast!) But this is an app that helps you keep in touch with political topics that are important to you and they also give you the information to contact your local officials. When you first download the app they ask you what topics are important to you and you click through the options provided. Then you will have a feed customized to matters close to your heart. They also have different polls you can participate in and you can see how other people feel on these subjects as well. One thing I would suggest is going into your settings and specifically requesting what type of notifications you’d like to receive though because it can be overwhelming if you receive all the notifications that they provide.

Check out the app here

Screen shot of how to use the countable app


I hope this helps you guys! I know it’s hard to keep ourselves informed because sometimes the news is depressing but it’s important to keep in the know about things that are affecting you. How do you keep in touch with the news? What do you use to contact your local officials? Write a comment below because I’d love to hear some suggestions! And as always please follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

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