How to get discounts or free items

I wouldn’t say I’m frugal, but I do love the thrill of finding a sale or discount code. There is something about seeing that price go down that puts a smile on my face. Over the years I have learned many skills to lower the prices of several different types of items and I’d love to share three of those now.

Prescription Glasses

I have been wearing glasses since childhood so I know the struggle of not only finding cute glasses but also finding them for a reasonable price. It’s not enough that we’re forced to have to buy something to see regularly, it also has to be overpriced. So I was very thankful when I ran across a couple of online where you can get glasses that are either free or very inexpensive. When you buy glasses online you have to already know your prescription. This means going to your Insurance’s optometrist or going to place like Walmart and finding that out. But if you have to get bifocals it was recently recommended to me to get those done in a store because that’s such a personal thing. But you can get frames online and have your prescription put in them. You also will have to measure your PD, which is basically the distance between your two pupils. Each site has a demonstration on how you can measure that.

The two sites I usually use to get glasses are Coastal Contacts or Firmoo. Both of these sites have deals most of the time where you can get your first pair of glasses free. They also usually have BOGO (buy one, get one) deals as well. Now they put restrictions on which glasses come in they deal and they are the least expensive ones but I have still found some very cute glasses in that section.

My latest firmoo glasses (only paid $10)

Google Chrome Extension

I have a MacBook Pro and all Apple products automatically come with Safari. I don’t remember why but a couple of years ago I downloaded Google Chrome. One of the cool things I discovered about Chrome is they have extensions you can download that are pretty much like apps for the internet. A couple of the more recent extensions I’ve gotten help you find discount codes while you’re shopping online. Once you have reached the end of your shopping and you get to the page where it asked for your any discount codes these extensions pop up, you press the button, and it goes through every code imaginable to find the one with the biggest discount. Some of the extensions are better than others because some only do certain stores but I keep them all around since you never know which one will give the best deal. The name of the extensions are Honey, Piggy, and Cently.

Free Movies

I remember when it used to be so simple and cheap to go to the movies but nowadays it cost an arm and a leg. So I was so glad when I ran across this website called Gofobo. All you have to do is enter your zip code and it will show you is there are any free screenings nearby. You can also sign up to have emails sent to you when there’s a screening nearby. The way that advanced screenings work is when you find one you’d like to attend you should sign up pretty quickly, especially if it’s a popular movie, because it’s first come first serve. It’s also first come, first serve when it comes to actually showing up as well. Having a ticket doesn’t guarantee admission. You have to show up early because seats are limited. And the screenings are usually during the week so be prepared for that as well.


I hope something was gained from this post today. Please comment below if you learned a new trick or if you know of another way to get discounted or free items. I’m always down to learn more on this subject. Also don’t forget to follow my blog my pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

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