3 Carb Substitues

So I have been on a journey to get more healthy on and off for a while now and I drink plenty of water, I’m getting better at going to the gym, but my eating habits can be a little sucky. The main thing that I always hear when talking to people about health is that your eating choices is the main factor in loosing weight. My main craving is carbs. So for the past year or so I have been researching and finding tasty carb substitutes. I didn’t just want to cut carbs out of my life and not have something that tasted just as good as a replacement or I would go right back to the carbs. Here are three options I have found that I’d like to share.

Spaghetti Squash with Bacon, Spinach, and Goat Cheese


I decided to start off with the hardest of the three because this is an actual recipe that takes about an hour to make. But it is sooooo worth it in the end. I love noodles so through my research one substitute that kept coming up for that was spaghetti squash. And just as the name says when cooked properly it looks and tastes very similarly to spaghetti. The hardest part of making this recipe for me was finding the correct ingredients (you might have to go to a fancier or specialty store for some items) and cooking the spaghetti squash since I had never worked with that before. Now I realize that it is super easy to cook but at the time I was pretty lost. All you have to do is: cut it in half, sprinkle olive oil/salt/pepper on it, and bake for the alloted item mentioned in the recipe. Then you let it cool and use a fork to separate the squash into noodles. I would recommend this recipe for anyone looking for a fun healthy option to a meal you would find in a restaurant that you can easily make at home.


Cauliflower Rice

Another carb love of mine is rice. So I decided to start substituting cauliflower rice for regular rice in recipes and anytime I felt like adding rice to a meal I was making. If you want to make cauliflower rice yourself, you can put the head of cauliflower into a food processor and mince it yourself but it’s just as easy to buy it already made. There are a lot of different options now that you can buy in groceries stores in the frozen vegetable aisle. My favorite option is one that mixes cauliflower and sweet potato rice together. It is a part of Green Giant’s riced vegetables line. Click here to check it out It comes in baggies that you can put right into the microwave for the allotted time but because I like to add things to my rice I usually sauté in a pan with things like eggs, meat substitutes or chicken, cheese, kale/spinach, etc. You can get creative with your rice and it can all be tasty and healthy.

Cauliflower rice, grilled chicken, and broccoli

Zucchini Noodles

I have seen different variations of zucchini noodles during my research for carb substitutes but they all looked kind of slimy and bland so this was the last option I tried. While getting some more cauliflower rice in the grocery store one day I saw some packets of zucchini noodles made in various ways with various different sauces already in it. It is a a part of Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Veggie Made line. Click here to check it out The packet seemed easy enough to make and like it actually might have flavor so I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did! All you have to do is put the bag in the microwave facing down for about 4 minutes and voila! You have a zucchini noodles in either no sauce, tomato sauce, cheese sauce, or Alfredo sauce. The main ingredient is zucchini but it also has lentil beans in it as well. For dinner one day recently I made the spaghetti zucchini noodles which had tomato sauce in it and added ground turkey. It’s an easy and very delicious way to make dinner for yourself or for the family.


I hope you all found this helpful! And I’d love to know what tips you have found through your health journey that are tasty food substitutes. Please comment below with your thoughts! And don’t forget to press the follow button below to be the first to see my blogs each week.

4 thoughts on “3 Carb Substitues

  1. I will let everyone know that I was a skeptic at first. I just couldn’t believe these veggies could take the place of my favorite pasta, but I was wrong. I tasted each of these dishes and they were absolutely delicious!!

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