Post-Gym Makeup Look

I have been trying to get and remain healthy lately so I’ve going to the gym more. And as a beauty consultant with Mary Kay, I have to represent my business by having at least a natural makeup look on. But that can be hard at times because after a really tough workout you continue to sweat even once you’re done. So today I am going to show a simple makeup look I do after working out.


The first thing I always do with my makeup is my eyes because, as I’ve mentioned before, if you get messy or make a mistake you can easily fix it with the foundation.

The first step for me was my brows. I used a brunette brow pencil. I traced around where my brows are and filled in areas that are sparse. I then used the brow gel over my brows to help them stay on even though I’m still sweating.

The next step was to use a cream eye color on the lid of my eyes called metallic taupe. I love this type of eye color because it can be an eye color and an eye primer, which can be helpful staying on throughout perspiration. I decided to put a purple eye shadow called sweet plum on top of the cream color because it matched my dress.

The last step for my eyes was a black liquid eyeliner and mascara to make a complete eye look.


The choice of foundation after working out is crucial. Your body is hot, your metabolism is still going, and therefore you are still continually sweating. If you were to use a liquid foundation in those circumstances I feel it would be more likely to not stay on as well. That’s why I use the a powder foundation for my post-gym looks.

But before I put on my foundation I had to use a foundation primer. This product helps your makeup go on smoother and stay on longer. It also has SPF 15 in it. It’s great when you have oily skin or situations like this where you just worked out.

After that I used a mineral powder foundation – bronze 4 and the new powder foundation brush. It’s a real natural look and the powder soaks up all the access oil or perspiration.

The last thing I did was put on some shea butter balm made with Shea butter so my lips would be moisturized and I could continue the natural look.

I hope this was helpful and I would love your feedback. Do you have a specific post-gym makeup look? Please post any comments or questions below and don’t forget to follow my page by pressing the button below as well!

4 thoughts on “Post-Gym Makeup Look

  1. I’m excited that you’re going to the gym to practice a healthy lifestyle! I totally understand you about exercising and makeup! I have my brows on and have to redo them after because I want a clean face to work with. Thanks for sharing your post-gym makeup look! Keep it up :).

    Nancy ♥

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