Testing uses for essential oils

A couple of months ago I got an essential oil pack from Groupon. I had always heard of its benefits but never knew what to do with it. And I still didn’t when I finally did get the oils. I bought a diffuser but it didn’t work well. I could never really smell the oil and didn’t feel anything different. So recently I decided to go on Pinterest and find some other uses for essential oils and test them out. Here are the results!

Cough syrup

Pinterest page for Cough Syrup

This was one of the easier recipes to make. All you have to do is put the essential oils into the honey, mix it up, and refrigerate it. I poured honey and oils into a mason jar I purchased to make it easy. I didn’t have frankincense oil so I replaced that with lavender.




I wasn’t sure I would have a reason to text this out but then my allergies started to mess with me this past weekend so I’ve been using this honey everyday. The first time I tried it, I just took a spoon full and ate it. I could taste peppermint in the honey. And it did soothe my throat, but only for a little bit. But as my allergies started to get worse I was drinking lots of tea. So I started putting a spoon full of the honey into my tea. The honey melted quickly and you can see the oil floating at the top. That did look weird and I had to get past that. You can also smell the oils in the tea as well which was nice. This method seemed to work better because my throat was not sore for much longer than just eating the honey raw.

All Purpose Cleaner

Pinterest page for All Purpose Cleaner

So I used an old spray bottle of another cleaning product to make this DIY item. And again, it was easy to make this product. Just pour in the water and white vinegar and then you add whatever essential oils you want. I googled to find the best ones for cleaning and chose tea tree, orange, lavender, peppermint, and lemon.



I was very skeptical whether it would work but I chose a coffee stain on the kitchen island and sprayed. I couldn’t smell the oils I had dropped in. And then when I wiped the spot, to my surprise, it was gone. I’m not sure how it works on hard core stains but it certainly helps with day to day cleaning.


Shower Bomb

Pinterest page for Shower Bomb

I was so excited to see this recipe. When I first got these oils I remember reading how it was good in the shower so I had just put a couple of drops in the shower and I could feel a slight difference but it wasn’t enough. So I thought maybe these shower bombs would work better. Basically it’s like a bath bomb, you put it on the floor of your shower while in there and the bomb melts and the aroma of the oils come out. Also, the recipe called for an ice tray but I couldn’t find one so I used a muffin pan instead. I would highly suggest using an ice tray because it’s so much easier getting the shower bomb out that way.



So apparently I didn’t put enough water in the mixture because it was still crumbly the next day. Then I left it out another day eventually the top was hard enough to take out. But underneath is still crumbs. As I look at the picture on the Pinterest page, I realize I didn’t put enough water in the mixture. On the Pinterest page they suggest putting the bomb in the corner of the shower where it will barely touch the water so it will slowly melt. I did that and I could smell the aroma of the oils. It didn’t last long though because my shower is attached to the rest of my bathroom so the aroma couldn’t just be condensed to the shower. Overall I think it helped though because I am definitely able to breathe out of my nose now which I haven’t done in a couple of days. (Allergies are the worst smh)

Air Freshener

Pinterest page for Air Freshener

This was the simplest thing to make. All you do is take a spray bottle, pour distilled water in it, and drop in whatever essential oils you prefer. I chose lemon and orange for the smell and peppermint and eucalyptus for my allergies.



This didn’t work. The only time I could smell it is if I walked directly into the mist right after spraying it. But the smell did not linger at all. I am going to add some more oil and see if it makes the smell stronger.


Do you have any essential oils? What do you use them for? I’d love to try out some more uses for them. Please comment below and don’t forget to follow my page by clicking the button at the follow bottom of the page!

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