Testing Mary Kay foundations

I am a woman of routine. And I know a lot of you all can be as well. This goes all the way down to which foundation I use. I now mainly use it because it’s because of my routine. So I decided to test out some of Mary Kay’s plethora of foundation options. Now before I share my opinion I wanted to say three things.

1. I know many women who don’t like foundation because they don’t wear makeup. And that is completely understandable. But I will say foundation is actually an essential last step to any good skin care routine. Imagine a car at the beginning of the day fresh and clean. And then as it is driven throughout the day dusts, pollen, dirt, etc gets on it. And then at the end of the day you see a film of dirt. That same thing is happening to your face! When you wash your face your skin is fresh and your pores are open and now dust and pollen are getting all in your pores. But with a layer of protection with foundation you won’t have that issue.

2. I have oily skin and last week was particularly hot. All of that will affect my choices in which foundations will work best for my skin. If you’d like to know which ones work best for yours, you can set up a time with me to try them on.

3. There are three products I would recommend to use with any foundation and that is Foundation Primer, Liquid Foundation Brush or Powder Foundation Brush (depending on the type of foundation), and Makeup Finishing Spray. The primer helps everything go on smoother and stay on longer. The brushes are made with specific angles to apply the product on the right parts of your face. Plus our NEW brushes are all synthetic so none of the product goes into the brushes and you get full use of your foundation. And the finishing spray helps all of your makeup stay on all day long without having to retouch.

Foundation PrimerLiquid Foundation Brush Powder Foundation Brush Makeup Finishing Spray

Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral Powder Foundation All the shades

This is the foundation I use most often, my “routine” option. Because I have been taking care of my skin for YEARS now I don’t have as much unevenness in my skin tone. So this lightweight coverage option has always treated me well. I applied it with the Powder Foundation Brush. I love the matte look that it gives since I have oily skin. This is good for my day to day but not when I am going out or doing a “full face” makeup look because as I mentioned before, it has lightweight coverage. My color is Bronze 5

Rating: (btw 1-5) 4Before and After

Matte-wear Liquid Foundation

Matte-wear Liquid Foundation All the shades

This has always been my secondary option as far as foundation for me, when I wanted to do a “full face”. It has more coverage than the mineral powder foundation. Two great things about this foundation is it is a timewise product so it helps with anti aging and it comes in matte-wear (for oily skin) and luminous-wear (for dry skin). This foundation did its job as far as coverage but because it was so hot outside, by the end of the day my face was hot as well. I could feel the foundation on and you never want to feel that. My color is Bronze 6

Rating: 3

Before and After

CC Cream

CC Cream

This is a great foundation option for those who don’t wear makeup, because it isn’t foundation! It is a tinted moisturizer. Basically they add tint to the moisturizer to give yourself a little color. And it’s call CC Cream because it is also a color corrector, over time it is evening your skin tone. It is our most lightweight coverage option. A lot of people like it for that reason but because my skin is so oily, it doesn’t stay on so well for me. It also has SPF 15 in it so you get sunscreen as well. The color range from Very Light to Very Deep. My color is Very Deep

Rating: 2

Before and After

Medium Coverage Foundation

Medium Coverage Foundation All the shades

This is one of our original foundation options. I haven’t used it in a very long time because we have come out with so many other options. So I had to make sure this is one of the foundations I tested. This one has more coverage than most of the other options I tried, but unlike the matte-wear foundation I was not feeling hot in this by the end of the day. This ended up being my favorite option. I am glad I did this experiment because I learned to step out of my routine and try something new which I ended up loving.

Rating: 5

Before and After

Two other options I didn’t try

Pressed Powder Foundation

Pressed Powder shades

This is another lightweight option you can use. It’s great for touching up your makeup. Sometimes when I have to blow my nose (allergies are the worst lol) all my foundation comes off my nose. So I keep a compact with a pressed powder in it for situations like that.

Endless Performance Creme to Powder Foundation

Endless Performance Creme to Powder FoundationAll the shades

This foundation has the most coverage. It is very thick and good for a “full face” look because it gives you all the coverage you need but it’s not heavy looking.

To purchase any of these foundations you can go to my website

Have you tried any of Mary Kay’s foundations? Do you have a favorite? Comment below and don’t forget to follow my page!

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