Remember your hobbies

So a couple of weeks ago a lady I’ve known for quite some time invited me to do poetry at an event she was helping to put together at her church. Her brother had let her know that I write poetry because her brother and I go to the same church and I’ve done poetry there in the past. The part meaning….at least 10 years ago? I mean I’ve been writing poetry on and off my whole life but I haven’t really been consistent with it in recent years. Suddenly you become grown up with jobs and other responsibilities and hobbies that make you happy fall to the back burner. You feel as if you aren’t “adulting” correctly if you aren’t doing work that makes you money or could lead to that in the future. But let me put a theory out there, in order to keep being successful in life you have to be happy. Sometimes our work, even if we love what we do, can be tiring and monotonous. You need a break from the daily hum drum of life. Now I’m not saying to quit your full time job and only do your hobby. But make time for happiness! If you feel better, you do better work in all fields. So I challenge everyone reading this message to spend one hour this week either finding a hobby outside your job or doing a hobby you already have. And I’d love to hear about and see your results! Comment below or contact me privately. And don’t forget to follow my blog by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

Here is a video of my spoken word:

And here is the poem:


Everyday we go through our lives

Fighting to survive

Blinded by our lies

That we can do this on our own

That we’re fully grown

That we’re already on the throne


His spirit is inside of us

So a piece of our soul is unused

Yet somehow we’re confused

Turned to a worldly muse

Trying to lean on something new

Slowly fading to a negative hue


We are ignorant of our wrongdoings

Jesus said we know not what we do

As he hung on the cross

With all our sins he bared

Taking time to ask for forgiveness

On behalf of you and me


Although we’ve fallen short

He still invites us to paradise

Looking past all our faults

Seeing our heart

Pouring into our soul

He sees the beauty beyond the ignorance

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