100% SPOILER FREE on Black Panther movie experience

First of all, I want you to know that this will be 100% spoiler free. I just wanted to share my experience going to see Black Panther on opening night. So please feel free to repost this, comment below, and subscribe to my page.

Alright. Let me start off by saying I know a little bit about comics and super hero movies but not enough to call myself an expert. But the moment that I heard about this movie, I KNEW I had to be in attendance. Representation matters so I knew how important it was to see a film featuring such a huge cast of dark skinned actors and actresses portraying super heroes and African royalty. Although I knew I had to see the movie I still procrastinated to the last minute to buy tickets. (I bought them on Monday.) So I ended up only being able to get into one of the regular theaters without reserved seating. (Yes, I know I’m bougie. But once you’ve sat in those fancy seats it’s hard to go back) So I got a ticket for myself and then my mom said she wanted to go so I got her one as well. This whole week was filled with so much anticipation and of course, picking the perfect outfit. I couldn’t just show to this movie filled with black excellence on and off screen in any old regular outfit.

Link to buy my shirt

So the day finally came! I ironed my shirt and African skirt, put on makeup, and headed out with my mom. We got to the theatre a little early so we had to wait around until we could get in. The first thing I noticed is there wasn’t as many African printed items as I thought there would be. Many people had on black panther shirts. Well, there was one guy was dressed up as Eddie Murphy’s character in Coming to America. Everyone got a chuckle out of that and he enjoyed it all. You could feel the excitement and celebration around and through us. This was the day everyone in there had been waiting for.

When we finally were able to sit down I looked around to notice the demographic that was in the theatre. Of course it was mainly African American people in the theatre. There were some groups who came together like a group of ladies from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. who had cute shirts that said wAKAnda, accentuating the “AKA” in Wakanda. There were a couple of Caucasian people who mainly had on Marvel t-shirts and were excited as well. While we were waiting to be able to go in a young Caucasian girl was telling my mother and I how excited and nervous she was to see the movie and all the other Marvel movies she had seen. It was so interesting to see people excited to see this movie for so such various reasons whether it be because it was a film featuring an almost all black cast, it was a Marvel movie and they’re fans of Marvel, or because they’re a kid and super heroes are just awesome!

It was just a great experience all around seeing a movie about a black super hero in a theatre filled with almost all African Americans getting to scream, applaud, and laugh together. I would recommend that even if you aren’t into super heroes or action movies, you still see this. There is a lot of sub-context speaking on so much more than just saving the world from a villain. It’s a great movie that makes you think and continue to have conversations about varying issues. I’ll definitely be seeing it again. (This time with my fancy seating.)

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