How to…tips for traveling

As a multi business owner I do a lot of traveling. Whether it be a short overnight trip to video tape an event out of town or a week long conference, there are tips and tricks I have learned over the years that have helped me travel with more ease. So here are a couple of of the tips I’ve learned over the years. Comment below with any travel tips you have in your repertoire. And don’t forget to subscribe to NEVER miss a post 🙂

Tip #1: Suitcase with wheels

I would always recommend using a suitcase that rolls (preferably with four wheels if possible). As simple as this tip may seem, it is definitely worth mentioning. You might not think about it now but you will as you’re lugging that bag around the airport to check it, from baggage claim to the car/shuttle, from the car/shuttle to the hotel lobby, and then the hotel lobby to your room. Eventually even the lightest bag will start to feel heavy in those circumstances.

Tip #2: Eye, Foundation, and Lip Primer

Travel days can get really busy and you don’t have much time to stop and freshen your makeup so I always make sure to use primer all over my face so that my makeup looks good from sun up to sun down. Eye, Foundation and Lip Primer are items that you would place on your eye, face, or lip before you apply your makeup and it helps those items go on smoother and more importantly last longer. I am a HUGE fan of the iced cocoa cream eye shadow for an eye primer because not only will the makeup last long but it’s a two in one because it’s a primer and an eye shadow. What I love most about the foundation primer is that it has SPF 35 in it which can come in handy especially if you’re traveling to a very sunny place (but at all times you ALWAYS need SPF no matter your ethnicity). And the lip primer helps with anti aging as well as keeping your lipstick on all day long. Mary Kay even has a lash primer which intensifies the volume of the mascara and make the mascara last longer. It will be one less thing you have to think about during the day if you apply primer before you apply makeup.

Tip #3: Roll your clothes

I am a notorious over packer. As I gather outfits for my trips all these what ifs come in my head and suddenly I have two plus outfits for each day. So one way that I maximize the amount of clothes I can fit into my suitcase is to roll the clothes up. The clothes stack up easier and are easier to keep together into separate outfits as well. This tip should be to not overpack but I’m just not there yet.

Tip #4: Roll up bag

Mary Kay has an item called a travel roll up bag. This bag is probably one of the most useful things Mary Kay has to offer in my book. When you open it up, there are four clear zip lock compartments and the bag has a hanger. And then when you roll it back up it has a useful handle to carry from place to place. You can keep all of your skin care in one compartment, hair products in the next, toiletries, and then jewelry accessories in the last. Or use it however you like! It is very customizable. And each clear compartment can be detached by Velcro so if you need one section in another room it can easily be removed. I love this for traveling but it also comes in handy when I go to the gym. I have everything all together when I shower after a workout.


Tip #5: Facial Cleansing Cloths


One rule I tend to forget when it comes to traveling is that you can carry over 3 oz in a carry on bag. And sometimes I am only carrying a carry on bag because that’s cheaper than checking one in. So from time to time I have had my liquids “confiscated”. But one thing that will never get taken away is my Facial Cleansing Cloths. They have the same 3 in 1 cleansing products as the liquid formula but it’s just been put into a durable cloth. All you have to do is wet it, lather it, and apply to your face. And you can use the same cloth to remove the cleanser. They can be very useful for traveling because it’s one less liquid item you have to think about and it fits right in the travel roll up bag I just recommend. I also use these at night when I’m tired but I need to wash my makeup off.

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