My thoughts before and after therapy

So I decided to write my thoughts the night before my first therapy session and my thoughts right after. The main thing I’d love for you to gain from this is that therapy is normal and just another way to express and better yourself. If you haven’t considered it before, now may be the time.

Before therapy

I was in group therapy for about two years and it ended about three months ago. I had planned to start individual therapy right after that but I kept procrastinating because I wanted to find an African-American woman therapist under my medical coverage. I finally buckled down and called the doctors and it was God sent…they just hired an African American lady at the center closest to me. I didn’t realize until the last few weeks that I have been needing therapy again. I have social anxiety and sometimes I get overwhelmed and then react poorly by either overreacting with family/friends or internalizing it. So I am so relieved to have therapy in the morning. I was thinking of writing down a list of topics I wanted to talk about but I really want this to be organic and just go with the flow.

After therapy

I went to my first session today and the main thing I gained from it is relief. Relief that I have finally started a process I’ve been putting off for months. It is the greatest feeling to finally scratch off a huge thing from your to do list. Since it was our first time meeting most of it was basic questions to get to know me. And then I was sent home with homework. This is the part I think I’ll like best because it’s nice to get to talk through issues but what happens after you leave? It’s good to have a reminder of what you can do in stressful situations. The main reason I decided to document my feelings before and after therapy is because I believe that everyone should attend at least one session. We all have things that we are trying to work on to make ourselves a better person and to be able to talk about those things with a professional is a huge help. So even if you do not have health care I would recommend some type of therapy. If you do research there are some free places or inexpensive places. There are also different apps where you could get some help as well.

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