Testing Perfecting Concealer

Perfecting Concealer


So…I have to admit something. I can be EXTREMELY indecisive. Therefore it has taken me a long time to pick the first product I would experiment with. As a beauty consultant with Mary Kay, there are soooooo many products I love, so it was like choosing between which kid I loved most! But I finally buckled down, put on my big girl panties, and chose to start off with the perfecting concealer. As an African American woman, it sometimes feels as if my face as 1,000 different shades of brown which is one of my many reasons for loving this concealer. I also have constant allergy issues which can cause discoloration around my chin. And I had jaw surgery in high school so I also have two dark marks on my cheeks. Needless to say, I’m definitely a prime candidate for the concealer.

Test 1

The first way I tried out the concealer is the most typical way, covering up all of the discoloration on my skin. I simply dot the concealer on the areas of my face where it’s needed then with my concealer brush I gently press the concealer into my skin. I was taught at a makeup class I attended with Juliana Mayfield (if you don’t know where you should definitely look her up because she does AMAZING things here’s her site) that you should apply concealer after you apply the foundation of your choice because then you won’t have to use as much. Depending on the type of foundation you’re using you might not need as much concealer as you may think. Another tip I’d love to share which you can see in the pictures below, I apply my eye makeup and then apply foundation. Because I have small eyes and I tend to get messy applying it, my eye makeup can end up all over my face at times. When I apply my foundation afterwards it cleans all that up for me.


Here is a video explaining how to use the perfecting concealer:

Review of testing: I love how thick and pigmented the perfecting concealer is. You do not need a lot of product to cover up your dark marks/discoloration. And I find it easier to use a concealer brush to press the concealer into my skin than to use the applicator that comes with the concealer.  (Click here to purchase concealer brush) It also seemed to last all day. It also helped that I applied foundation primer because that helps makeup go on smoother and last longer. (Click here to purchase foundation primer)

Test 2

As I mentioned earlier I have gone to several different makeup classes and have learned all sorts of tips over the years. One of those tips was how if you use concealer underneath your eye shadow, it helps it look brighter. So I decided to test that out.


Testing review: I have very oily eyes so before I used the perfecting concealer, I used some eye primer. (Click here to purchase eye primer) I think that that it made the eye shadows brighter but for me, it didn’t last that long. I usually use a cream eye shadow on my eyes before I apply my mineral eye shadows. (Click here to purchase cream eye color) That also brightens the color but last longer so I think I’ll be sticking to that.

Links to purchase eye shadow colors used: Sweet PlumEspressoHazelnut, and Moonstone

Test 3

When it comes to makeup, my first love is anything dealing with eyes. But that’s not the only part of my face so I decided to try a look using the perfecting concealer on my lips as a nude lip look.

Testing review: I love a nude lip and I think this is a great way to achieve that look. The concealer went onto my lips very smoothly and surprisingly it was not very dry. Because I like a little shine I added a lip gloss called golden on top that is mostly clear but has a little bit of a golden tint to it. I also lined my lips with a lip liner called dark chocolate or else it would look like I have no lips. Haha! The concealer lasted on my lips all day but it did fade by the end which is to be expected. Overall I liked this look and would do it again.

Links to purchase lip gloss and lip liner: Golden lip gloss and Dark chocolate lip liner

4 thoughts on “Testing Perfecting Concealer

  1. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul! My eyes are my favorite part to work on too, then it’s concealer. When i put on makeup i keep it super simple, eyeliner, concealer, and a little powder foundation. I’ve found out over the years that less is more when it comes to daily makeup routines so i tend to usually follow that regime. This blog is giving me great tips!

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